Thursday, April 30, 2009

How much are you wearing

I went out for a walk with a few people from work today. I don't work in the same group so they don't see me much outside of work. One guy recognized the brand for my Soia & Kyo coat. It's a really discrete marking but he noticed because his girlfriend is a big fan.

Then it turned into a conversation about how guys can't understand the amount of money girls spend on clothing. As I was thinking about this on my walk home, I did a quick mental tally of how much my ensemble for the day cost. Here it is. Jacket $250. Blue short sleeve shirt $30. Grey vest to wear over top $30. Black pants $70. Heels $60. Purse $100. Eye glasses $250. Total $790.

It's shocking to see it all together. Good thing I buy quality stuff that I can wear over time. For example, I've had the jacket for over a year, the heels for 2 years, and glasses always last a long time for me. Point is? I admit it. It's a lot of money. Because it is, I make less purchases and choose them carefully with style and quality in mind so I can wear it for a long time.

It's an interesting exercise though. Really puts spending into perspective. Next when you have some time waiting for the subway, or walking to work, do an inventory of how much you are wearing, just for kicks.


FB @ said...

Today: Target slip to lounge around house in - $15. Robe - $25.

Total: $40

But on a regular day:

Tommy Jeans - $100
Banana Republic Top - $60
Jacob Sweater Jacket - $50
Ballet flats - $50
Necklace - $50
Watch - $100
Sunglasses - $40
Purse - $100-ish

Total: $600 ~

Oh and the BellyBand. $50

So really, $650

In the winter, add muffs, a real jacket, a scarf, mittens, boots... erg..

Nicole said...

Yeah I think investing in high quality articls of clothing makes the cost seem higher then it really is. I don't think it's ridiculous to invest in your appearance (as long as you're not buying things every other weekend, which clearly you aren't).