Thursday, April 9, 2009

Permanent Stamps

When I was mailing out the coupons this week, I had to break out the stamps box. No it doesn’t happen very often because I don’t send a lot of slow mail. Yes it’s a box because I had to have 1 cent, 2 cents, and 4 cents stamps to make up the new postage rates. I still had stamps from when the postal rate was 46 cents.

I’m almost done those 46 cents stamps though. So when I was at the post office, I thought I’d buy a book of new 54 cent stamps. That’s when I was told about these Permanent stamps. I was pretty excited about not having to stick 5 different stamps on an envelope. I was also excited about the money savings. I mean if I had Permanent stamps back when I bought the 46 cents stamps, I’d be saving about 8 cents per piece of mail right now. But I guess I was a little behind the times since these Permanent stamps were apparently introduced in 2006.

Now I’m going to have to try and get rid of the 1 cent, 2 cents, and 4 cents stamps. Hmmm…I have this image of an envelope covered in stamps. I don’t think the post office would be happy to try and count 54 cents worth of 1 cent stamps.


Anonymous said...

I'd LOL if you put all those 1 & 2 cent stamps on an envie... may as well use them up.. just put them on a bigger envie! ;) lol!

Canadian Saver said...

The P stamp is the best invention ever... I bought a roll of 100 stamps before rates went up and I saved $2 in the process. I only have like 15 left though cuz I used them to mail a few parcels...

If ever you need to mail a large envelope, you could get rid of your 1, 2 and 4 cent stamps then..