Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A walk about

This weekend I saw 8 more listings with my agent.  Things were looking promising.  We short listed two condos I liked.   My agent was going to call the listing agents with some questions that I had.  In the mean time I went back to walk around the area in the evening time.  This I recommend everyone to do before making a decision on a property.  Because when you look at place the first time, you are focused so much on the place itself, you might miss the surroundings. Especially if you are not familiar with the neighbourhood.


Case in point condo no. 1 I saw.  Here is a small sample of the questions running through my head.  How big is the kitchen?  How big are the bedrooms?  Is there in suite laundry?  Is there parking?  How much and what does the condo fees cover?  What are residents of the building like?  Are the entrances secure?  The parking safe?  Etc. Etc.  The list goes on.  There is a lot to consider.  I came away from that viewing quite satisfied.  It a posh little two story condo on the top floor with lots of upgrades and all the items on my need to have list.  I got the warm and fuzzies from this unit.


In the evening when I went back.  I didn't look at the condo.  I looked at the area.  I noticed that most of the buildings on the street are a little worse for wear with quite a few rental buildings.  There is a rundown house right next to the building, and next to that is a laundrymat.  There is a liquor store,  the back of which is the alley I'd have to drive through to get to the parking pad, which is outside and not secure.  During the day it looked great, especially since we reached it through the building and not the alley.  I didn't get the warm and fuzzy from this  visit.


I may sound picky.  However, a girl living on her own need to be extra careful about security.  Since buying a condo is a long term decision, it's even more important to feel safe.


The second place I rejected on some different reasons.  I'll try and post more next time.

So the search goes on.  You know I wonder if I should pitch this as a show to HGTV.