Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love my new cut

Love my new hair cut.  It wasn't  until I got to the hair salon that I realized I left my hair magazine at work.  So it was a little risky just describing the cut.  However, it worked out perfectly.


I cut off about 9 inches.  It is making its way through the mail system to the Pantene Beautiful Locks donation right now.  I took the weekend to get use to my cut.  When I got into work on Monday everyone had a comment, all positive.  Actually a few people thought I was a new employee until I talked to them.


My morning routine takes a little longer now that I straighten my hair to get the shaggy piecey look.  But I take less time in the shower and with the blow dryer.  It all works out.


I will try to scan in the magazine photo which inspired the cut as mum took my camera on vacation.


Girl Makes Cents said...

That is fantastic! What a generous donation, I know it will be put to good use!