Friday, October 16, 2009

New Master Card

I’m getting a new credit card – the Smart Cash MBNA Mastercard. I’m a big fan of setting things up so that saving money is automatic. This card does that for me. Every time I spend money I get 1% cash back. If the money was spent on groceries or gas you get 3%. There is no annual fee, and right now for the first 6 month, groceries and gas spending get 5% cash back.

I’ve read the forums and people say it very hard to get the card, and it has high interest rate, which is why I was a little slow to apply. However, the online application was pretty quick and my card arrived within 30 days. I try to not carry any balance so the interest rate is not really a big deal.

Here is the website link for those who are interested in more details.

Also, BIL sent me this forum thread where someone listed all the eligible grocery stores.


Canadian Saver said...

This does sound like a sweet deal, especially the 5% cash back for a few months!

I am too attached to my BMO airmiles card, but if I had to switch, I'd pick this one!!