Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cheap Internet Found

I finally got around to getting my Internet set up this weekend. There really isn't too much choice in Internet, only two big providers. I decided to go with my previous provider, Shaw, because I liked them well enough. But I am economizing by not getting a landline or cable.

There are a few different choices for service. I decided to go with the second highest speed package because I guess I'll be doing some Internet TV watching now I that I don't have cable. Since I am opening a new account for a new address, I expected to get the special offer ($14.95/month for the first 3 months and $43.95 after). Imagine my surprise when the customer service girl told me about a different promotion ($9.95/month for the first 12 months).

Weird that I could have missed it. I checked and it's not on the website. Finally I found on a forum that it was a mail out campaign. Yay $9.95/month for a year! Worth checking it out if you have Shaw in your city.