Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How was your boxing day?

I don't know about everyone else but I did not get into the Boxing Day shopping at all. Between Redflagdeals.ca and smartcanucks.ca I was able to look at boxing day flyers at most of the stores I was interested in. It was a combination of the deals not being so great for what I want, and I am much more careful with what I spend money on.

For example, I've needed to replace my laptop for awhile now so I was looking especially close at the laptop deals. My co-worker recommended a few that are decent and within my price range. I also have the funds saved up for it. But then I asked myself if I really need to buy it now. Sure the battery and keyboard are gone, but it's still good as a desktop (with a big LCD that I bought used from a friend) and I mostly use it to browse the web, e-mail, and very rarely, word process. The longer I can delay the purchase means when I do get it I could get more for my money. So I am going to wait.