Sunday, December 6, 2009

One month no clothes shopping & coupon

It's been one month since I've spent any money on clothes, shoes or accessories. It feels good.

I think it's a combination of having a walk-in closet where I could see how much I have all at once, and having been so busy with work and moving that I have no time to shop.

Today I broke the streak, but for good reason. I've been wanting a pair of pointed toe black pumps since this summer. However, I've been hesitant in shelling out the $80-$100 for the pumps that I like in the stores so far.

Aldo, is having a clearance sales where I've found 3 pairs of pumps I like under $60 each. They are offering free shipping, and I found a coupon code that gave me 10% off. So if there is anything you've been waiting to go on sale, check out the site and try this coupon code: 74109562.

Of course I'm not keeping all 3 pairs but I will decide when they arrive and return the rest at the store.