Monday, December 14, 2009

Those elusive mittens

I wanted to get these Vancouver 2010 Mittens as a Christmas gift and maybe even one set for myself as my Vancouver 2010 souvenir.  However, I've been to a few Zellers and Bays in the last couple of weeks and they were all out of stock for adult sizes.  Even the Olympic store says it's out of stock until January.


Saturday a friend of my called to say that she some in one of the Bay stores.  I faced the freezing cold that was this weekend and went down there.  What do you know?  All sold out.  I think I might have to go with plan B, Olympic scarves.


Leighanne said...

Will the torch relay be going through your area any time soon? We just had a big torch celebration party in my city the other night when the torch came through and "Zellar's/The Bay" had a truck selling them. I managed to snag a pair from The Bay, but you have to get there shortly after a delivery (I was told to go on Thursdays from a sales associate). Hope that helps!!!