Saturday, January 30, 2010

Using my 3V Visa voucher

I redeemed my $20 from 3V Visa today. It was fairly simple. It's two steps to redeem. First I entered the activation code and my e-mail address. Then I entered my address on the next page. Voila a Visa number showed up on the next screen and a CVV number and expiry date was e-mailed to me.

Since I already picked out what I wanted, I hopped over to amazon to make my purchase. Paying was really simple. I just put in the details the same way I would a credit card. Although I did have a little glitch when I didn't know what to put down for expiry date. I originally did not see the expiy date in the e-mail sent to me. After looking over my e-mail more carefully I found it and finished my purchase.

All in all not bad. The advantage for me would be security. I don't have to worry about giving out my credit card number online. Also, it's good for budgeting. You spend what you have and don't have to worry about paying high interest on balances or affecting credit scores. Downside is that I get to use my credit card for free (if I don't carry a balance) and this one has charges. Although the website quotes prices for purchasing $30 or more 3V Visa vouchers. Does that mean $20 is not charged? Not sure but if so I would totally consider using this as a gift. This would be better than a gift card since they can shop in any store that offers online, mail order, or phone shopping.