Friday, May 28, 2010


I signed up for eharmony.  It's time I started dating again and after much consideration of my options I picked eharmony.  But sometimes I guess the actual mental commitment to do something gets the ball rolling.  It could be the change in my attitude that signals to others I'm open to dating again.


Because as soon as I signed up and paid my dues, I have two people offer to set me up with their friends and met someone at a bar. 


I'm currently communicating with a few guys on eharmony.  We haven't met yet.  Then it turns out one of the guys went to the same high school as me.  We had common friends, but never were in the same crowds (it's a huge high school so you can't blame me).  My friends thinks this is hilarious because I could've saved the couple hundred dollars and met this guy through my old high school friends.  Oh well, what can you do.


For those single guys and gals out there who also want to try eharmony.  I suggest you go through  Because they offer 45% rebate for new members, and coupon code for 20% on a 6 months membership.


Jeff said...

My wife and I met through eharmony.