Monday, September 10, 2012

What I’ve been up to all Summer

As you may have guessed, my new hobby is real estate.  The interest has always been there for me, but I felt I was not ready to dive into the real estate investments.  Sis and Beau both thought differently.  They finally convinced me, and I have to say I’m glad they did.  So it has been a busy summer for Beau and I, getting our rental units together.  Since the last post Sis and I invested in another one, bringing our total up to two houses with four suites.

The new house was vacant, so we renovated and found two sets of tenants.  Then we asked the upstairs tenants from the house A to leave, so we are at the end of renovating the upstairs getting it ready for rental.  In addition we started renovation on my parent’s basement.  Along the way Beau and I got into a few fights, made some mistakes, and a learnt some valuable lessons.  It hasn’t been easy on our relationship working full time jobs and having any kind of free time sucked up by things like cleaning, painting, demolition etc.  But I feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride for what we have done.  One thing I do regret is not having documented the whole process.  There were many times when I thought “I’d love to put this on my blog”, right before I pass out after a long, long day.

So I would like to do better.  There should be plenty to blog about since we just finished the demolitions on my parent’s place, and Beau just bought his house and we are planning renovations there as well.  In case you think this was the only thing on my plate this summer, I also made a career change, helped a relative move across the country and set up life in my city, and move my parents into their new house.  Stay tuned.  It’s not slowing down.