Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fashion Emergency

When I moved to my downtown office I noticed a definitely rise in the caliber of dressing in the office.  I was excited.  Finally, dressing for work will be fun.  I even bought a couple new pieces in celebration.  One of my favorite new addition is this skinny pencil skirt.  It makes me look long, lean and classy (because the hem line hits on the knee).

When I bought it the side slit was sewn together as new stuff usually are. My friend and I debated about whether to cut the thread or not.  We decided against it because I was afraid it would changed the long, lean silhouette.

Today I broke out the new outfit.  I felt great.  Then I got out my car for my 7 block walk to work and realized that the hem is limiting my stride.  I had to take tiny little steps, and running to catch a light was out of the question.  I had images of myself falling over because I took too big a stride, then not being able to get up because my skirt is too tight.  Then when I got to the office, I literally had to go up the steps sideways.  I can’t imagine how funny I looked during this whole walk.  First thing I did when I got into the office was find a pair of scissors.

Lesson learned.  Walking around the fitting room and house with an outfit is not a true reflection of how the outfit wears for work.