Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plans for our new House - The Painting

We learnt something important at our last rental.  A paint job makes a world of difference.  The rental was look worn out and smelled horrible.  Two coast of paint and it was looking new and refreshed.  Our new house was painted a dark grey color with darker grey baseboards and trims to match.  The previous tenants painted the living room and master bedroom but left everything else grey.  It made the house look small and dark.  So in addition to a new bathroom we are going to paint.

We debated whether or not we should paint or buy new baseboard and trim.  Finally we decided against it.  The baseboards are very similar to what we wanted and the trims are ok.  Buying all new would mean more we have to buy new baseboards and trims, paint them, and install them, instead of just painting. 

Beau bought our paint during the week and I took Saturday off from the office work to help. We spent like eight hours taping, sanding, priming, and painting.  We didn't even complete one room.  I finished priming all the rooms except for the hallway and master bedroom - we are leaving that until we finish renovating the bathroom. Beau finished one coat for the two bedrooms.  I'm pooped.  We are going to take the night off.

Lessons learnt:
  • Painting baseboard and trim takes a long time
  • Dollarama has cheap painting supplies.  Do buy knee pads, drop cloth, and paint trays from there.  Don't buy brushes, rollers, and tape from there.
  • A foam roller makes things look much better than brush
  • Painting baseboard?  Not a 3 hour job like originally planned