Friday, September 13, 2013

Short Term Rentals

So I’ve decided to go with Airbnb to list my condo for renting out short term.  The major reason is because Airbnb has no upfront cost.  You pay a percentage when you actually get reservations.

Being unusually unprepared, I hastily got some photos taken and posted it.  Thought I share what I’ve learnt so far.

  • The price posted when a potential client does a search may not exactly match the price you set per night.  This is because if you put in additional costs such cleaning fee etc. it will be added into the posted price.  As a new poster you want to under price the market so you get some reservations and good reviews.  Therefore, do a couple of searches with a couple of length of stays and check what pricing comes up as you desire.  
  •  AirBnb offers free professional photos, take it if it’s available in your area. It will look more professional than my iphone photos.  It also gets an AirBnb verified stamp, which gives potential clients an extra level of comfort that this space is verified and no some pie in the sky space that might not exist when they arrive.  Our photographer emailed within 24 hours of me putting in a request.  We booked something for this weekend.