Thursday, November 21, 2013

Walking with my Pedometer

I've noticed a weight gain in the last year.  Not much, around 8 pounds?  But I'm using the weight loss goal as a opportunity to get my health back on track.  This is why I picked up this booked called Flex Diet.  It's suggest weight loss by making lots of small changes.  The idea is the small incremental changes will lead to big results.  One of the many suggestion is to wear a pedometer.

This speaks to me.  I've noticed that I lead a very sedentary life recently.  Even worse because most of my sitting seem to be happen in front of a computer screen.  This pedometer hopefully will motivate me to walk more and get away from my computer more frequently.

I thought it might be fun to track my steps too. 

Nov 21: 9511 Steps.  I thought I would have been much less.  But I did do a lot after work today because Beau and I had to go to Ikea and Costco. .