Saturday, August 23, 2014

Canada Automobile Association Savings

With the marriage, car registration, and address changes that happened lately, I've been to the Alberta Motor Association more often then I've been in years.  This makes me appreciate my membership a lot more.

For starters, with most registries you have to pay for your fees with debit or cash, but at AMA I can pay with my credit card.

Also, I always get discount movie tickets with my AMA memebership.  But in my last visit in I just happen to glance at the rewards pamphlet while waiting in line.  I'm surprised at the savings that are applicable to me.  There was a 25% off at my regular dry cleaners, discount entry to the Zoo, discount at food places etc.  It's too much to list here.  But the point is I always thought that AMA discounts doesn't much apply to me, but I was wrong.  I'm going to add it to my list of places to check for discounts before buying anything or paying for any services.  All the discounts/rewards are posted online.  If you are not in Alberta, go to CAA Rewards and choose your province to look for deals more relavant to you.