Monday, August 4, 2014


I always say, we are a family of thinkers not doers.  It's true.  We are not good with working with our hands.  But Google and YouTube have convinced my mom that we are doers. 

After much nagging, we (Beau, Bil, Sis & Dad) decided to indulge her and do a little landscaping this long weekend for her.  On one side of the house, we have to dig a little lower below the basement windows, grade it so the water flows away form the foundation, add landscaping fabric to prevent weeds, then place a pipe to help with water flow, and finally cover with bark.

Fairly simple it sounds like, but manual labor is hard work!  The materials costs us $430.  If we had hired someone to do it, this would have been a $800 project.  This means for 4 people working 8 hours, we made about $11.50 an hour per person.  That's close to minimum wage.  Not to mention the amount of additional time everyone needed to recover after and how much better and quick job a professional would have made it.