Thursday, October 25, 2007

To each his own

I watched one of those real estate shows last night. In this show you have one couple who is looking for a property with a list of needs and wants, and a price limit. Then the show host and her creative consultant come up with several possibilities.

As is, these properties usually don’t meet the couples’ standards. This is where the creative consultant comes in with his magic and shows them how it could be with some renovations. The changes are amazing. It’s like several make-over shows all in one TV time slot.

Yesterday’s couple had three choices. Choice #1 was $2,000 under their budget after renovations, and meets all their criteria. Choice #2 was $11,000 under their budget, meets all their criteria, and has a pool. Choice #3 was $120,000 under their budget, and meets their needs the best.

I was so sure that they’d choose #3 or #1. A pool to me is just an unnecessary expense that will have a huge ongoing maintenance cost. But they actually went with #2 because of the pool. I guess everyone thinks about purchases differently. Otherwise we’d all have the same houses, drive the same cars, and dress the same.

Also, because I live in an area that is too cold for pool most of the year my valuation of a pool is different compared to those who live in warmer areas.


SavingDiva said...

I've watched those shows too. However, I always think the renovations will cost way more than they expect...

Esme said...

Oh yes! I saw a estimate on a kitchen renovation. I was shocked!
When I buy a home I'd definitely have to account for renovations.