Saturday, November 3, 2007

My rules for buying electronics

After looking at cameras these last two weeks, I was tempted to replace my old camera. Of course before I make the purchase I needed to find the old one a new home first.

The camera is a Canon about three years old. I bought it for $400+ dollars and now I’m getting offers at about $60. The depreciation for electronics is amazing! Same thing with cell phones and mp3 players.

So I have come up with some guidelines for when I buy electronics. If I could find something that has good resale value I'd be all for that. These rules are for cases when the resale value is low to nil.
  1. Identify and anticipate my current and future needs.

  2. Research and find a product that will meet these needs and is good quality so it will last.

  3. Use all the usual suspects to get the maximum money off for purchase. Some examples are,,, store anniversary sales, boxing day sales, or clearance sales when they are changing to newer models.

  4. Finally make the purchase and use it forever and ever until I can’t anymore.


SavingDiva said...

It sounds like you have really thought about this purchase. I frequently try to price match (with places that do 110%).