Wednesday, November 21, 2007

7 Random Facts About Me

Emm tagged me on the 7 Random facts about me meme. Here goes...

  1. I love watching summer time thunderstorms.
  2. Some of my favorite shows are old shows like Are you being served?, Keeping up Appearances, and MASH.
  3. If I could have a car of my dreams it’d have to be a mini cooper that is also a hybrid.
  4. I don’t like waste or pollution of any kind. That includes light pollution, noise pollution, waste of time, materials, money, space, words etc.
  5. My best color is red.
  6. The coolest thing I won was four tickets to Stars on Ice.
  7. I wish I knew the secret to wearing high heels and being comfortable :)


Anonymous said...

I love Are You Being Served and Keeping up Appearances too!

And if you figure out the heel thing......let me know!

Esme said...

ah Bristish funny