Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Labels, Labels…

Boomerang Generation:

Some weeks ago, I moved home to live with the parents. It was a practical move, since I have a job where I travel a lot. No one else I know is living with their parents and I’m the odd one out. Not true.

Apparently, my generation has been named the Boomerang Generation, where kids move home with the parents after graduating from college. If there are enough people doing this to warrant a label, I think I’m pretty safe in assuming that I’m not in the minority?

Remember how parents plan and save for college? Does this mean they have to have a plan for post college too?


Another label that I’ve heard for my generation is Millennials (those born 1980-2000). Google that word and you’ll get a million hits. They describe us as confident, tech savvy, and having different views towards the work-life balance compared to our parents.

Check. Check. Check. Pretty accurate so far. I am confident in my abilities. I know my tech stuff but I try not to be too much of a consumer. I believe in doing my best at my job but I also understand that company loyalty only applies as long as I’m contributing to the bottom line. So I value my work-life balance more compared to my parents’ generation.

Then they go on to talk about how our generation feels a sense of entitlement in the work place. i.e. We don’t believe in ‘putting in our time’ as a new grad and work toward a more senior position. I disagree. To deserve a six figure salary I have to prove my worth in skills and expertise, things which I get through ‘putting in my time’ at a lower salary and a lower level job.

Apparently there are workshops teaching Human Resources professionals on how to deal with Millennials and their parents. Millennials’ parents are very involved in their work life and would go to HR if their child didn’t get a decent raise or a good review.

Really? Mum and dad taught me to take responsibility for myself, which I’ve been doing since high school. If I asked dad to go to HR because I didn’t like my raise he would have given me one big lecture.