Friday, November 30, 2007

CFL Bulb Recycling

CFL bulbs are a great idea. They save a lot of energy (a 60 Watt equivalent CFL bulb uses only 13 Watts!) and they last a long, long time. Eventually after years of use when the bulb dies, do remember to recycle them as they cannot be thrown out in regular trash. Home Depot is now going to have recycling boxes for used CFL bulbs. Yay!

While I’m at it, there are a few more things we can recycle.

  1. Batteries. Lots of electronics stores and battery stores like Best Buy and Battery Plus have battery recycling boxes.
  2. Used cell phones.
  3. Printer cartridges

In Toronto there is this great program called thInk Food where you can collect used cell phones and inkjet cartridges and raise funds for the local Food banks. I’m sure there are similar programs in other cities. I quickly Googled ‘cell phone recycle’ and ‘cartridge recycle’ and got lots of results.

Why not start an environmental club at work and encourage people to bring in their old batteries, cell phones, and printer cartridges :)


SavingDiva said...

Thanks for the post...while I don't have any dead CFLs yet, I will pass the information on to friends.