Friday, November 30, 2007

Skype to the Rescue

My IP phone decided to stop working on the first day of my trip. I was in quite a bind. Taking hour long international conference calls on my hotel or mobile phone would cost a fortune, but I needed a phone. After a fruitless day where I had to explain my problem to 3 different IT people and the promise of more of the same to come, I went looking for alternatives. This is when I found that I have Skype pre-loaded on my U3 enabled USB key.

It took about 2 minutes to get a new account, charge it up with credit card and start calling. The rates are reasonable at 0.017Euro per minute. With this on my USB I can make calls on any computer with a headset and Internet connection.

On a side note, I really like this U3 technology where I load applications on my USB, plug into any computer and use. It also saves my settings and passwords if I like. But I don’t think I’ll use that feature. I don’t want to store any important information on it. Any sort of security can be cracked and I’d be in a mess if my USB is lost.

p.s. It just occurred to me that some of my posts raving about products might sound like sponsored posts. They are not. I'm just love my stuff :)


Anonymous said...

i love skype too! i use it all the time for overseas calls. i especially loved it when in 2006 they had a promotion where you could call any land line in canada or the usa from skype for free!