Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No electricity and no gas

Well, the apartment I’m supposed to move into has no electricity and no gas right now. I’m not sorry really. This means more hotel points and more English Television (v. important).

I walked around the mall by my hotel last night. I think it must be an upscale mall. They have some really cute and stylish clothes. Before I think about the impossibility of finding something my size, I looked at the price tag. I thought was a mistake so I looked at a few more. One top was about $1500 RMB, roughly $200+. Yikes.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Even though I’m average height and size medium in America, I’m like a giant in Chinese sizes. And what’s with the staring? I miss Shanghai. No one stares in Shanghai. Henrik, my Swedish co-worker, is insanely happy that I’m here. I’m apparently diverting some stares away from him.


Anonymous said...

i can relate to the size thing, i'm a s/m in NA sizes, but in asia i'm like an L or XL!