Thursday, December 6, 2007

My China shopping problem

In Zhuhai, there is a mall called the Gong Bei Underground Mall. It’s two floors of everything. Especially abundant is imitation brand name bags, clothes, golf clubs, ipods, anything you can think of.

I average at least two trips there per visit because there is always someone who wants to go there to shop. I like going because of the purses and clothes etc. But I don’t like going because I can’t buy most of the things I like.

Why can’t I buy them? Well, my thinking is that people who know me know I wouldn’t spend anything over $100 for a bag. If I can’t carry the real thing I rather not carry it at all. Same goes for other stuff.

I know it’s weird of me. Let's say I buy this fake LV carry all, which I fell in love with last night. When I use it people will think I bought it because it’s LV not because I like the style. I think that somehow devalues my bag.

Anyway, it hurts. To see something I like but can’t have. Oh well. There are plenty of good deals to be had without brand name.


mariam said...

I know this is really weird coming from me seeing as how I have a peer pressure problem and all... but screw what people think :)

Think of it as a cheap investment for people who don't know you. Won't you look stylish and put together for other business purposes?

It's funny because I got a faux silk top (polyester?) in China for 5 RMB! It was dusty and just hanging on a rack with others in the STREET but I saw the potential.

I get nice comments on it whenever I wear it. Little do they know that it cost me less than $1!

It's good to keep a mixture of real and fake stuff. If you have a reputation for quality, you can get away with other things and won't be second guessed ;)

Esme said...

oh yeah. I love buying stuff in China because it's cheap and there are some great finds.

Good point about a reputation for quality. I find if I choose the right items and mix these cheap China purchases with my regular wardrobe nobody is the wiser. But I guess I just have this mental barrier to fake brand names. Probably because I have no real brand names to mix them with.