Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Post of 2008!

Happy New Year! I hope you have all enjoyed your holidays as much as I did. I got a couple good comments on the photos I posted. To answer the question, I don’t live there but close enough so I can drive there on weekends (one of the reasons I love where I live). The elk photo I took while driving along the Bow Valley Parkway inside Banff National Park and the waterfall photos are of Johnson’s Canyon also along the same highway.

Lots of things to write about and this week’s posts will be those things from my holiday which prompted a “I need to blog about this!”. I will write about the Nuvi 250 Garmin GPS, the incident at Staples, my visit to the police station, and photos from my visit to Edmonton.

First though: New Year’s Resolutions. They are nothing exciting or unique but important to me all the same.

1. Reach 100k net worth (including retirement savings). I think this is possible by mid year. It will be a nice milestone to reach and good motivation for me. A few things I will do to help this along. I’m going to up RRSP contributions at work and max out the company match ASAP; get better at budgeting and staying within that budget; get a raise; and keep at learning to invest my money well.

2. Take better care of my body. I will give myself a 5 pound weight loss goal because it is a concrete and tangible goal. However, the real goal is to improve my lifestyle. I’ve become lax about what I eat and how much I exercise since I started traveling for work. It’s time to pay more attention.

In addition to trying to do more of my ‘fun stuff’ (xc skiing, hiking, skating), I will try to go to the pool regularly when I’m at home. I will bring my Pilates DVDs for traveling. It’s relaxing and consistent (unlike hotel gyms).

Packing lunches. Helps with goal #1 and allows me to eat healthier. When traveling, I will be more conscious choosing what I eat.

3. Find more satisfaction and direction in my career. The details of this goal probably takes a series of posts. So I will just write about what I want to do.

Part 1: I’m in a good position at work right now, not indispensable ( I don’t think anyone is) but pretty good. I’d like to keep it that way - do a good job, gain more skills, experience and maybe visibility.

Part 2: I do feel I’m under appreciated and am putting up with things I shouldn’t have to. More importantly I can’t see my career progression beyond this position or in this industry. Therefore, I need to do some research and decide on what I need to do.

Well, that’s all. I’m sure I will write more about these as time goes on.


Ronnie said...

You have S.M.A.R.T. goals there. Just, don't rush on things, especially the career.

Forgive the unsolicited advice. Cheers to your goals attainment for 2008!

Esme said...

Thanks Ronnie. I agree, with the goals I have, slow and steady is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

I've reached a point where I have stopped trying to find a direction in my career.

I'm concentrating on how I can progress independently of my career actually.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my work , and given the choice, I'd be doing exactly the same thing - but on my own projects.

Have we reached a point in our society where we can't depend on a job anymore?

Esme said...

I think you are going about it the right way. I don't feel we can depend on our companies or even expect to stay in the same line of work all our lives now. So doing your own thing is great.

I'd like to be my own boss one day. But before then I need experience and skills. So the current goal is to get some of these while doing work I enjoy.

A job that makes me feel I'm getting somewhere.