Thursday, January 3, 2008

No GPS for me...yet

The Garmin GPS Nuvi 250 sold out on before I could make up my mind. Very sad. However, I have a new plan. I’m going to save my ‘extra’ money to buy one on ‘Extra’ money means those little incomes I get from doing surveys etc.

I thought of this when a reminder popped up that I’m suppose to be getting a $25 Amazon gift certificate in a couple of weeks. This is from doing a survey for a hotel stay.

I have $30 from Amazon Turk. I’m half way towards a $25 gc at Also, I found $.97 at the parking lot the other day.

So far the amount is at $68.47, the goal is to reach $200.


Wooly Woman said...

That's too bad about the GPS. Can a Canadian buy on I tried a couple of times but could not, which just irritates me. Another good Canadian site is, but they may not have the deals of other sites. Good luck!

Esme said...

Thanks for the link wooly woman. I will check it out.

In my experience, only ships DVDs and books to Canada. However, they also have independent sellers a few of whom will ship to Canada for a price. I'm just shipping my things to a friend in US and picking them up when I travel for work. So far the savings are worth it.

BudgetBoy said...

Have you tried SurveySavvy? I have made a lot through them. You should have that GPS in no time!

Great site by the way! Thanks for advertising on mine!

Esme said...

Hi Budgetboy,
Thanks for the tip. I actually do have a SurveySavvy account but I have yet to receive a survey. Maybe Canadians get less opportunities compared to US. I've noticed this on other survey sites.