Friday, January 4, 2008

Things I learned at the Police Station

As I wrote before sis and I had to make a police report for car insurance purposes this holiday. It was not too bad. The officer who helped us was nice. When we were there a few other people came in with various incidents. It was quite interesting.

First a guy made a $700 credit card fraud report on his ex-girlfriend. After he made the statement and left, the officer called her at work – a major department store and the only place to find her. He was informed that she no longer worked there. When he explained the purpose of the call, he was refer to someone in the loss prevention department also investigating her.

Lessons learned: Don’t leave credit card lying around when angry ex is there, especially when she seem prone to theft. Also, don’t commit crimes of course, but if you do, one big one is probably better than several little ones. Her crime at the department store just made the officer more inclined to believe her boyfriend.

Then, a woman came in to make an accident report. There was some major confusion when the officer read her report. Turns out that she owned both cars involved and the accident was that she back into her other car parked in the driveway.

Lessons learned: pay attention when driving, even when it’s out your own driveway.

Finally, a girl came in to report her car being broken into. After filing a report, she remembered to tell the officer that she didn’t lock her car when she ran into the store for something.

Lessons learned: be detailed and clear when making a report or explaining anything to someone. Also, lock your car. It takes only a second.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Very insightful. We could all benefit greatly if we just followed your advice.

Thanks again, and keep it up!

Esme said...

Thanks for the encouragement rocco.

SavingDiva said...

I'm super nervous about having my car stolen or broken would be a devastating loss for me! My budget can't afford a new car purchase.

Esme said...

Yes, I'm always super careful. Another thing we can do is not to have any valuables or anything that might even look like it can be converted into ready cash.