Friday, January 4, 2008

Winter Driving Tip

Slow Down! A lot.

On boxing day me and my sister were coming out of a parking lot. We were stopped, waiting to turn right. This red car was coming along and signaled to turn right into the same parking lot. We didn’t think he had enough room and figured he was going to stop.

He didn’t and slid right into the driver side door of our Jeep. It hit pretty hard too. I don’t think he slowed down enough to make a safe turn even if there was no one else around. Snow and ice is hard to drive on so it’s better to be extra safe and slow right down than have this happen.

No one is better for it. His insurance is going right up (actually we think he might have previous ‘incidents’) because he was keen on paying cash and settling privately. However, the car is my sister’s company car so no luck there. We had to spend time going to the police station for a report for insurance purpose, getting quotes, and having the car fixed. Big hassle all around.


PiggyBankBlues said...

good to hear you are okay... SUV/truck drivers think they are kings of the road in inclement weather...

Anonymous said...

big hassle for sure! someone collided with my mom back at the end of november when we got a snowfall in calgary and her car is still in the shop. when i was calling body shops some places were telling me we wouldn't be getting in until january! even though the insurance is covering the repair and car rental costs, it's still costing us time and effort to deal with all of it.

Esme said...

Yes. Sometimes it feels like they don't care about other drivers at all. While this guy is a little distressed about the insurance, I get the feeling it's really not a super big deal to him.

We had the same problem. The earlier appoint we could get at the shop is mid January.

Anonymous said...

Major drag! Glad to hear that your vehicle is going to be OK, though, so I guess it all works out in the end!

Why can't people just slow down a little bit? No need to be in such a hurry. Remember the old saying, "Drive like hell, you'll get there."

Be safe and don't be a target.