Thursday, February 14, 2008

That optimism meter is rising

About my downer post a few days ago, since then there’s been a few more developments.

I’m still a little shocked at how much I will need this year just for fun stuff. However, this is one of the reasons I save money – so I could have money for things I want to do.

I have come to a few decisions. After the trips already planned for I won’t be taking any more big trips for awhile. I’ve done a lot of traveling for my age. I’m glad that I have but there is a lot in this great country that I haven’t seen. Also, for someone who claims to be environmental I must have the carbon foot print of Big Foot (those flights do add up). This decision will reduce my spending and my carbon footprint.

For those trips that are already planned I will need to going into supersaver mode. I’m challenging myself to have more no spend days and will keep a tally on the side bar. I will start to track my expenses again to keep a closer eye on my spending. Also, I’d like to look into this PayPerPost thing that lots of bloggers are talking about as a little extra income.

As if I’m being rewarded for my decisions tomorrow we are getting a bonus. When I read the e-mail this morning I’m thinking it will be like our regular (quarterly) bonuses which nets me about $100 - $200. Alas no! Boss just came by with the slips and it is $900! Well after deductions I get about $500. So much deductions! I noticed that bonus deductions are always more than regular salary deductions. hmmm…I wonder… Anyhow, $500 will help. Yay!


KC said...

hi there, it's PayDaze from We're Rich!!!!!!

so I've been planning my travel plans for 2008 too, and my "must-visit" places within the U.S. are only Boston and Washington D.C. There are a handful of other places I want to visit as well (Pacific North West, Alaska, Yellowstone, San Francisco, New Orleans...) but my vacation days don't stretch as far as I'd like since I want to go back to Sydney this year too...