Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wooly Woman’s Share the Love Challenge

As I said, I now have an extra $50 dollars because my save-enough-money for a GPS challenge is over. I know it’s not extra really since I still plan on paying Sis and Bil for the GPS they got me, but in my mind it is. Anyway, here is what I have planned for the $50.

Over at Clawing our way to financial health, Wooly woman has started a challenge encouraging us to be more giving. Her chosen charity is the SOS Children’s Villages.

I think it is a great idea and that’s where my $50 will go to. If anyone is interested in supporting the challenge you can follow this link to her post. Or I copied her links below.

Donate through this link if you are in Canada or this one for other countries. You can make it anonymous and you can get a tax receipt.

Also remember to let me know how much you donated in my comments or e-mail. It’ll be great to see how much is raised by this challenge.


Wooly Woman said...

I didn't see this, thanks so much! I will post that the anonymous donor was you :):)