Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It’s coming! This weekend.

Phew! Expense report is done! Now I can blog about my new Nuvi 250! Coming this weekend.

Since last time I have received a $50 cheque for surveys I filled out. This brings my total up to $162.62. I’m so excited about getting closer to my goal.

Then last Sunday I was talking to Sis, who I haven’t talked to in weeks and weeks, and she said that her hubby bought me the Nuvi 250 last week. See brother-in-law (Bil) is who I go to when I need electronics advice. So when the Nuvi 250 was on sale for $150 I asked him if it was a good deal. He agreed. However, it sold out.

Both Sis and Bil were feeling bad for me. I insisted that I will make enough money soon to buy one. Bil is also a bit of a bargain hunter. So I’m sure he saw a deal somewhere and got it for me. They are bringing it with them this weekend when they come to celebrate Mum’s b-day. I’ll find out how much it is then. Of course they’ll just give it to me but I think I’ll pay them. I’ll have to write a cheque anyway because Bil paid for the $430 tax for my London flight. Sis and Bil have always been very generous, but I don’t want to take advantage of that generosity.

Anyway, I now have to decide what to do with the $162.62. Most of it is points and Turk money, but I have a plan for the $50 cash I just received. More on that tomorrow.