Monday, March 17, 2008

Sustainable Hobbies

This weekend during coffee, before my friend’s big news about buying a house, my other friend told me she’s decided to sell her horse.

I remember looking at this horse with her two Labour days ago, and listening to her arguments about it being an investment (She had to put the purchase on her line of credit). At the time I thought it wasn’t going to be so easy parting with him and for awhile I thought she’s decided to keep him.

She admitted that the main reason for selling him is the financial arguments for selling him. She trained him well, and has contacts in the business. He’s going to fetch 10x her initial investment so she’ll be more solvent after selling him.

I know 10 times is a huge appreciation for less than two years. However, it is expensive and time consuming training a horse too. There is boarding cost, new shoes every two months, vet bills, etc. It’s not a huge cash cow, but it’s a self-sustaining hobby, which I think is the best type of hobby to have. She’s doing something she likes. The sale will cover most of the expenses she incurred and with some to spare for the next horse she wants to buy.

Yep. Self-sustaining hobbies are the way to go.


Dolly Iris said...

I would be afraid of becoming to attached to the horse.