Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend spending/Being Girl

The good thing about working on weekend is the lack of spending. Saturday I had a no spend day because I was working at the café most of the day. Sunday however is a different matter.

I went for brunch with some girlfriends and their SOs. Food, drinks, and parking came to $25 all together. Not too bad for damage right? Not true because when the SOs went home the girls decided to go shopping.

Where to? To Holt Renfrew because my friend Trena wanted to get a new tube of Kiehl’s moisturizer ($45) and Karen wanted to check out a Marc Jacobs scent Grapefruit ($80). There is a reason why I haven’t been to HR for a very long time. Because even though I told myself I don’t need anything I fell in love with Grapefruit Splash - Karen got Daisy ($75) instead.

I was on the verge of pulling out my credit card, when I realized that I’ll be in the States soon and it’ll probably be cheaper there. Sure enough, a quick search on the web shows that it’s selling at Nordstrom for $65. Spending temporarily avoided but only until my next trip to the States.


FB @ said...

Ugh I do that too.


"I LOVE IT".. then I just postpone the spending for later and it catches up with me

FB @ said...

oh and my other point before I pressed enter was:


And that I avoid going to malls and HR for the exact reason you outline