Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coupon for Contacts

I ordered some contacts for Sis. She didn’t know about until I told her. They included a $10 off coupon in the shipment.

Coupon expires April 30, 2008. I won’t be ordering anything anytime soon so I thought I post it in case anyone wants to use it.

Also, check out these other coupons to see which is the better deal.

I’m not sure if this code is a one time only code so please leave a message in the comments after you use it to let others know it's been used.

The code looks pretty generic to me so if you do feel adventurous in using a second time, leave a message in the comments to let us know if it is a unique code or not.

The code is: CLEARLYCASH10


Canadian Saver said...

This is where I got my contacts the last time, quite a bit cheaper than at my optometrist and it was delivered extremely fast (they use Priority shipping). Thanks for the codes!! I'll have to see what I have left (one's bothering me tonight so I end up with uneven contacts left over sometimes)