Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A little consideration

It’s Monday night at the coffee shop, my closer did not show up. No warning, so it’s just me and the assistant manager who is too busy doing paper work to help. I’m on my own.

Executive decision. No more to stay cups so I save some time on the dishes. A lady and her friends come in. I start taking their orders.

"Oh. Can we get the mugs please?"

"I’m sorry. My dishwasher did not show up today so we are doing to go cups."

"Can’t you just do one exception?"

"Miss, I’m so sorry. But if I do stay cups I’ll be doing dishes and working until 12am tonight."

"Just the one?"

"Sure. Because you are so special. And I am not human. I like doing two people’s jobs and stay late on my second job of the day so you can drink out of the mugs. I bet you don’t even tip."

I didn’t say the last part, but someone should let this woman know that she’s not the center of the universe. Oh yes, she didn’t tip.


Canadian Saver said...

I hate customers who ask for special favors... like we owe them something.

Do you make good money with tips?

SheGazelle said...

Ha ha ha! That last part (that you didn't really say)is too funny. You gotta love people and their nerve. Did you hold the mug for her while she sipped her beverage? :-P

Anonymous said...

oh, no way. This won't really help you, but I hereby pledge to drop an extra loonie in the tip jar next time I get a coffee, in hopes that karma brings it to you (of course, you deserve more than a loonie, but it's a start)

Esme said...

Thanks Nancy!