Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I just got my $25 Jacob card from I’m really surprised at how quick this was. I've been doing MyPoints way longer and still haven't gotten to the minimum for a gift certificate yet. In case you don’t know pigsback. You get points for buying things through their site, points for checking out featured deals, and points for quizzes. Right now I get about 11 points (or $0.11) a day. 1 point for daily visit, and 10 for taking two quizzes happening this months. Then 5 for featured offers that comes up once in a while.

Check it out Canadian link or US link.

If you e-mail me browneyedgirlblog [[at]] gmail [[dot] com for referral I get $5. But you get $1 for signing up either way. Minimum gift certificate cash out is about $10. Lots of great choices like American Eagle, Jacob, Zara, Starbucks, Tim Hortons etc.


Leanna said...

I love Pigsback! I once won the equivalent of $100 in points from them - I really enjoyed the gift cards and was surprised at how fast and smooth everything was. I think I've only got about $1.25 in there now...

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm in!

I'll e-mail you so you get the referral.