Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mind what you say on Voicemail

I think we all know about the e-mail rule. Remember that you are on record and you have no control over what people do with it once it’s sent.

Well, voicemail is the same thing. Even if you are just leaving a message for a friend. If it cannot be heard by anyone else, don’t say it on voicemail. What someone does with your voicemail is entirely at their discretion.

Also, things can happen. It might be forwarded accidentally. You might get the wrong voicemail. Point is: You Never Know.

Like today. I came back to my desk to 7 voicemails from this guy who seemed pretty sure he was leaving messages for his friend. Well, he was not. While his swearing and vulgar messages may seem amusing to his friend, heck I might even laugh if it’s from someone I know, it just sounds creepy and unprofessional coming from a total stranger.