Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Slackers Here

I was watching Workopolis TV yesterday and heard this interesting statistic: 1/3 of office workers questioned expect to not work at all after retirement.

This means the other 2/3 expect to be doing some kind of work after retirement, right? I can totally see that. We all lead very active lives. For someone who has worked all their lives, to suddenly 8 hours a day, five days of week freed up can be a real shock.

When I retire, I expect not to be doing 9 to 5 but I will be doing something. Sis talks about having a cafĂ©. She’d have a daily special which is whatever she feels like making that day. I thought a flower shop. Because a majority of people buy flowers for special occasions happy and sad. Just think of it, you get to share a glimpse of the most intense emotional events of people’s lives.

Of course, it’s a long while until retirement day, and a lot of ideas may change. But that’s what I see for now.