Monday, June 23, 2008

Mind What you say on Voicemail II

Awhile back, I wrote this post about leaving voice mails. Someone has been leaving voice mails for his buddy on my work phone.

It happened a few more times after that, always when I am away from my desk and can't tell him it's no longer his buddy's number. I always deleted without listening. But today I thought enough is enough. I will call this guy and tell him that this number has been reassigned.

So I listened to the VM hoping to get his number.

Here is what he said:"Buddy. Listen turns out I don't need to get weed from you anymore."

Mistake 1: Incriminates Buddy.

"Because my neighbor smokes them and will hook me up."

Mistake 2: Incriminated neighbor.

I hit delete after this, because I can't be bothered.