Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Times they are changing

It’s summer job season for the university students and high schoolers. This means we get a lot at the café. Last night I closed with a girl who is finishing high school. She’s moving across the country end of the summer to start University. Ah. I remember how exciting that time was. Felt like turning back time.

Anyway, at around 30 minutes to closing she called her dad to let him know when to pick her up. Actually she’s not the only one. A parent waiting outside in the car after closing is a common thing these days.

When Sis and I were young my parents paid very little attention to what we did. We had to get good marks. On turning 16 we were expected to get a part-time job for experience and money. That’s was pretty much it. They didn’t pay much attention to where we worked, how many hours, or what we did with our money. I remember once being stuck after a job because I didn’t know the bus service stops during peak times. Didn’t even think of calling my parents. Just walked 30 minutes to the metro.

Then times are different. Is it really safer back then? Is the media just making things sound worse? I don’t know. But if I had a little sister or brother now, I’d probably pick them too if they worked night shift.


Laura said...

When I first started working, I lived with my mom and I was left to my own devices to get to and from work regardless of the time. I was 19 when I moved out of my mom's into my dad's and it was a whole new world. My dad picked me up from everything. I would tell him that I could just take the bus, and he would pick me up from the bus stop (which was a block from my house). I don't know if things are more dangerous now, or if our advanced ability to get media coverage from allover the world has heightened people's sense of danger. I live alone now downtown and walk by myself everywhere. I am not stupid about it and don't take shortcuts through alleys or decide that after a night of complete intoxication I should walk, but I feel reasonably safe. I never turn a ride down after a shift of working though.... :)