Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lunch Money

I always have great intentions of bringing my own lunches to save money and be healthier. However, I often lapse because of…so many reasons. The temptation of eating out, the pressure of co-workers, there's no time, there's no food, etc. etc.

Well, now I have no choice. My office is in the middle of no restaurants. It's bringing lunch or nothing. No complaints. I really need to save up for that down payment anyway.


Anonymous said...

I only *wish* that were the case for me. My problem is, I really, really want to eat salads for lunch - healthier, and trying to take off a few inches. Making salads is my absolute least favourite activity, and naturally, there's an awesome salad bar a block away from where I work. Time to take myself in hand...

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you have a push to get into your goal. You could always try to get a buddy, too. Those help with goals, if you have to be accountable to people. That way you also can always have a lunch buddy, so you're not as tempted to go to restaurants with other coworkers.

I find it's always helpful to pack the lunch the night before. You can do it leisurely and then in the morning all you have to do is remember it. (Which can be hard, luckily the sticky note was invented!)

Canadian Saver said...

This happened to me too at an old job... we were 15 minutes away from any type of convenience store. I started packing leftovers and I grew to really enjoy those. I just cooked up double batches of filling things that would satisfy me for 5 hours til dinner... and I saved a bunch of $$ in the process!

Esme said...

I'm the same way. Knowing that there's a place close by makes it easy to skip packing once in awhile.

I'm still getting to know people around here. I did run into someone doing the same walk around the neighborhood as me last week. Maybe we can be walking buddies :)

Canadian Saver,
I'm hoping this packing lunch will stick for me. It will be good to save that money.