Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day

It was my first day today. I don’t expect first days to be super great or super bad because it’s all so new. Mostly I was doing a lot of reading. Hopefully I will get something to do soon as I learn by doing instead of reading. Also it is easier to meet people rather than randomly walking up to them and say hello. However, I expect it will be slow for a week or two.

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to another site which is 2 hours drive from here. It’s a project close meeting. It’s going to be super interesting to see what goes on.

On a money note. I expect I won’t get paid until September. I will miss the next pay period due to the payroll person being away and the one after that is the first week in September. It is for situations like this that we need an Emergency fund.

My manager seems pretty low key. I always think I don’t really know someone until I see them in a stress situation. He mentioned something that makes me happy. He said that we are flexible in business hours. For example I can start a little early, or late, or work one day from home if I want. As long as I can do my work and be reached it is fine. I expect I will be having regular hours for the first little while but it is a great option to have.


Canadian Saver said...

Oh that is a nice job perk! I hope you really enjoy your new job :-)