Monday, August 11, 2008

No excuse

I had a café shift yesterday. It’s been really quiet lately at the café. Is it because it’s summer and people are away? Or is it because people are changing their habits according to talks of recession? I don’t know. But people are tipping less as well and the bills aren’t as big as before. Maybe people are cutting costs.

I can understand that. However, recession or not there was no excuse for this woman’s behavior. She came in last night and ordered a tea. It came to $2.56. She’s putting out all her change on the counter to get the right change. As she surveys her change she realized she doesn’t have the penny.

Instead of using another nickel or dime (which she had plenty), she reaches into the tip jar, looks through the change, finds a penny, and gives me the whole $2.56!

I was shocked! I didn’t even have the words. You can’t miss it, it is not the Take a Penny jar!

And it’s not the penny. Sometimes when people say:”Oh! I’m short.” I’d reach into the tip jar and give them the penny or nickel. But it is mine to give. It is the same as our hourly wage. It is money we get in return for our good work. It is not her personal change jar! It is rude and insulting. I still can't believe someone did that.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is rude. Just because people are short on cash does not mean they can't have manners.

Esme said...

I was really truly shocked. Horrible manners!