Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I just signed with a Freecycle forum, thanks to Nancy for posting about it. It is pretty self explanatory. If you have something you don’t need any more, you can post it and see if there’s someone who could use it. Or if you need something, you can see if anyone has it to give. You can search for Canadian and US cities to join the forum close to you.

It is a terrific idea. It’s great for saving money, to help others, and keep things out of landfills.

Like I’ve mentioned before PF I shopped lots and was basically a stuff queen. Slowly and steady I’ve minimized my possession to things I love and need. I’m towards the end, but I’m still getting ride of some books, clothes, DVD’s and other stuff. I have a routine with stuff I want to get rid of.

First I see if anyone I know want it. Then I try to sell it online. Then I give it to charity. One thing I worry about giving to charity is that fact that they get so much stuff. Combine that with not enough staff/volunteers, it could happen that things you think other people could really use get thrown out or forgotten. Now I can make sure it finds a good home with free cycle.

I love it when things important to me all come together, like environment, personal finance, and good will.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I love freecycle. It sometimes takes some time for something you can use / want pops up but... I have so far gotten free grapes (pick yourself), a pair of $110 heelys for my step-son and some beautiful curtains! I've already hooked my mom on it for school supplies for her classroom.