Monday, September 8, 2008

Do you feel richer than your parents?

I love reading poll results like this because it’s interesting to see how I am similar or different from the majority.

A few things that caught my eye
Fewer Canadians feel they are richer than their parents were at their age. Not me. Mum and dad were self made and on their own from the get go. Whereas, I had parental help to come out at my age with no major student loans and decent savings. Of course having jobs since I was 15 also helps and current self discipline in saving helped too. Thanks mum and dad.

To feel rich, Canadians need to earn 296k a year. Yep. I’d feel pretty rich if I got that much a year. Right now if I got half that a year I’d be pretty happy.

Young adults are least likely to know their annual take-home pay. Who are considered young adults? In my uni years I don’t think annually, I think monthly in terms of money. Now I’m on top of how much I make a year.

Three quarters of Canadians would tell a friend the truth about what they earn. I used to. Not with just anyone but certainly if it came up with close friends and they were candid about it. Now I try very hard not to. It becomes this huge elephant in the room. Someone is always making less than someone else and life is unfair etc. etc.