Monday, September 22, 2008

Goodbye Summer

Today is the last day of summer. It feels like it too. My last weekend before end of summer was awesome. The weather was great (until that last little bit of Sunday). We rented a little cabin near Radium. Instead of going to Radium or Fairmont Hot Springs, we drove a little ways and went to this hot springs at Whiteswan Provincial park. It’s free, but we probably spent that money we saved on the extra miles we drove to get there. The real difference is that it felt less commercialized. It’s along a logging road, you walk a down this trail and it’s right beside the river.

We also stopped off in Canmore, where we went for a little hike to see the Grassi lakes. The colors and clarity in these lakes were awesome. The photos really don’t do them justice.

Money wise this was not such a thrift trip with gas, cabin rental, and eating out. With some planning it could have been cheaper. Like we could’ve bought our snacks and drinks on our way out of town, which would’ve been a lot cheaper. We BBQ’d one night. Again, it would have been cheaper if we brought some seasoning (which we all have at home a plenty) instead of buying the meat and seasoning from Sobey’s at Invermere.

But it really was a spur of the moment thing. Next time I will plan better.


Anonymous said...

oooh it looks very pretty there! I'm glad you had a good time. :)