Sunday, September 21, 2008

Channeling change

I went to Radium Hot Springs and Canmore this weekend. It was awesome and I'd like to write about it some more and post pictures later. However, I wanted to write this odd little thing down before I forget.

I think I must be channeling change (as in coins) lately. Because I've picked up change in the most unlikely places. A few weeks ago I was doing my lunch time walk. I found a nickel. Not a big deal? It is considering it's an industrial area without even proper side walks.

Then Saturday night we decided to go for a drive and find this water fall that was nearby. We stopped at this sign marking a trail but couldn't hear any water. It was getting dark so we decided it might take too long to find and drove on. 5 minutes later I hear water fall sounds. We parked our car on the side of the road and walked to the edge. There it was, the water fall at the bottom of the canyon. As I turn to get into the car, I look down and see this round silver thing. I look closer, it's a quarter! Really, there was no noticeable turn out, and it was a low traffic secondary road (we passed like one car the whole time). What are the chances that someone stopped at the same place, dropped a quarter at the exact spot that I will look?

Total change picked up this weekend? $0.26.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I was in Canmore (and Banff) Saturday and Sunday too!