Thursday, September 18, 2008

How much for a movie!?

When I was a wee lass, I remember my teacher talking about how she and hubby like to rent movies instead of going to the theatre. The argument is that by the time you buy 2 tickets, get popcorn and drinks you are spending $20! EXPENSIVE!

Last night I went to a movie for regular price (I ran out of the passes). My friend got dinner so I bought the movie tickets. $25 for two people, no popcorn, no drinks. Oh how inflation continue to show its ugly head everywhere.

Can you imagine? A family of 4 goes out to the movies, tickets alone would be $50! Kid can no longer say, ‘Dad can I have $20 to for a date at the movies.’

I used to get movie passes for $8 from the social club at work. However, since I no longer work there, I’m going with the more ‘expensive’ option from CAA. It’s $8 and change, still better than regular price.


Anonymous said...

I KNOW!!!! it's crazy!!!! :)
I was thinking it must be hard for people with kids as well, if you wanted to sneak out for a night alone. Paying a babysitter, dinner & movie - it would be upwards $100! Thankfully i have a discount card that gets me 10% off each time i go and after a certain amount of movies, i get 2 free.